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Dingyi vacuum coating equipment

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Dingyi Technology is an innovative enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of various vacuum coating equipment applications, providing industry-leading vacuum application solutions.
PVD vacuum coating equipment series manufactured by the company: multi-arc intermediate frequency ion coating machine, magnetron sputtering coating machine, high vacuum evaporation coating machine, AF anti-fingerprint coating equipment, super hard coating machine, winding coating machine, coating automatic production line And other vacuum equipment and consumables supporting. Vacuum electroplating equipment is widely used in high-tech industries such as tools, molds, military industry, ships, automobile batteries, automobile lighting, automobile interior decoration, mobile phones, hardware clocks, plastics, semiconductors, etc., and has successfully developed products that meet various requirements for customers Vacuum coating process scheme.
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Coating equipment is widely used in plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, decoration, function, optics and other fields

Dingyi Vacuum application solutions

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    Replacing the traditional electroplating process with vacuum coating technology can not only save a lot of film materials and reduce energy consumption, but also eliminate environmental pollution caused by wet coating. Therefore, foreign countries have adopted vacuum coating process to replace electroplating process in terms of coating anti-corrosion layer and protective film on steel parts.

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    Why does the evaporation coating machine coat under vacuum conditions If the pressure is not low enough (or the vacuum degree is not high enough), good results cannot be obtained. For example, if aluminum is deposited on the order of 10 2 Torr, the obtained film is not only not bright, but even gray and black. And the mechanical strength is extremely poor.


    What is the difference between PVD vacuum coating machine and CVD coating machine? Thin film deposition technology is mainly divided into three major processes: physical, chemical, and epitaxy. Physical vapor deposition is referred to as PVD vacuum coating machine. Chemical vapor deposition is referred to as CVD coating machine for short.


    Vacuum conditions in the process of vacuum evaporation coating machine In the vacuum chamber, when the particle concentration in the gas phase and the pressure of the residual gas are low enough, these particles can keep flying in a straight line from the evaporation source to the substrate, otherwise, they will collide and change the direction of motion.


    Common problems of PVD evaporation process and sputtering process Vacuum coating equipment uses two common coating processes, evaporation and sputtering. These two processes are currently the most popular and widely used, and their attention is naturally much higher than other processes.


    Development and Application of Coating Technology for Ion Plating Equipment Vacuum multi-arc ion coating machine technology Titanium plating is a process for surface treatment of metal materials. It has been widely used in the industrial field and has the intention to gradually promote it.


    Advantages of vacuum coating process technology Vacuum coating makes the plastic surface have a metallic texture; because compared with aluminum, copper, iron, stainless steel and other metal parts, the manufacturing process of plastic parts has unique advantages such as large batches, low cost and easy processing.

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