For our users, geographical proximity is key to providing timely and personal service and support. In the industry, Dingyi Technology, as a leader in the manufacture of vacuum coating equipment and electroplating equipment, has sales and services all over the world. At the same time, there are many local technical support centers that are constantly increasing. Its potential is undoubtedly huge. Our broad base and worldwide presence puts us in a unique position with greater strength.


Dingyi Vacuum Technology can efficiently respond to various service needs of users.


· On-site service, including commissioning and acceptance of new equipment, equipment guarantee, and paid service.
· Telephone support, including technical support to check and troubleshoot user equipment after hours.
· Remote service, through the Internet, to help analyze faults and solve problems. Troubleshoot if possible.
· Relocate equipment to meet line configuration requirements. Movement, transport and reinstallation of equipment and complete equipment.
· Process improvement, evaluation of cycle time, plus many other tasks.


Through high-quality services, we let the equipment be delivered as soon as possible to meet the expectations of users and try our best to do our best. You will see that the equipment maintenance and technical support team of Zhicheng Vacuum Technology can help you realize the equipment The goal of better operational performance and better efficiency. the

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at any time to provide services according to your requirements! After-sales customer service contact number: 13925536251 Mr. Deng

Service area:
1. Sales of rotary vane vacuum pumps, slide valve vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, water ring vacuum pumps, vacuum units, vacuum impregnation equipment, vacuum boxes and peripheral equipment
2. Buy and sell second-hand evaporation coating machines, multi-arc ion coating machines, and optical coating machines
3. Automated industrial control: electrical control box modification, PLC touch screen programming, decryption, programming modification and PLC maintenance;
4. Vacuum pump oil: Shanghai Huifeng, Shanghai Huiyi (Huipai), Mobil, Shell and other brands of imported oil;
5. Diffusion pump oil: Qixing brand Dalian 3#, Beijing Sifang SK-3, Huipai, Lvbao 275# high vacuum and other domestic products;
6. Vacuum accessories: vacuum gauges, vacuum sealing mud/grease, vacuum measuring instruments, seals, various vacuum pump accessories, solenoid valves, flow meters, bellows of various specifications, ceramic piezoelectric valves, insulating materials
7. Professional maintenance of domestic and imported vacuum pumps, undertaking all kinds of vacuum technology projects and vacuum coating machine repair and maintenance yearly business.

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