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What is the difference before and after the vacuum coating machine coats the workpiece?-Dingyi Vacuum Machinery Equipment

What is the difference before and after the workpiece is plated by the vacuum coating machine?

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Vacuum coating machines are widely used in various industries, including machinery, electronics, hardware, aerospace, medical, chemical and other fields, so what is the difference between PVD vacuum coating machines before and after coating, and where is it reflected?

         Let's introduce it in detail:

          Briefly talk about the difference before and after PVD coating:
After the product is coated, a protective film will be formed on the surface of the product, which can effectively resist corrosion, be more wear-resistant, and improve product quality.
Coating can change the appearance of the product. It can be electroplated with different colors and appearances according to different product customer groups to meet consumer needs, such as 18k gold vacuum coating for hardware.
The thicker the electroplated film layer, the longer the color retention time.
After electroplating, because of the extension of quality and service life, it can bring added value to the product, which is conducive to improving the economic benefits of the product.


For PVD vacuum coating, different products should choose the appropriate electroplating process, magnetron sputtering plating (mainly metal products), evaporation plating (mainly plastic products), optical ion plating (mainly glass products), and there are also a variety of colors to choose from. .


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