High energy pulsed magnetron sputtering (hipims)

Technical features:

High energy pulsed magnetron sputtering is a kind of magnetron sputtering technology which uses high peak power and low duty cycle to produce high metal ionization rate. High energy impact magnetron sputtering and high-voltage pulse bias technology are combined to make use of the characteristics of high ionization rate and submergence. Through the effective control of the energy and distribution of incident particles in the film forming process, high film substrate adhesion, high quality and high uniformity films are prepared. The equipment system will have important industrial application value in satellite communication, plasma physics, new materials and other fields.


High temperature coating for tools and dies: application in advanced manufacturing industries such as automobile, aerospace, military, etc

Rare earth aluminum corrosion resistant film: application of environmental protection coating in NdFeB magnet industry

Solar film: application in photovoltaic power generation and new energy field

Bioengineering films: biomedical applications

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