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Color stainless steel plate coating equipment_Stainless steel tube titanium coating equipment_Stainless steel vacuum coating equipment-Zhicheng Vacuum Equipment
Large stainless steel coating machine
Large stainless steel coating machine
Large stainless steel coating machine
Large stainless steel coating machine
Large stainless steel coating machine
Large stainless steel coating machine
Large stainless steel coating machine
Large stainless steel coating machine

Large stainless steel coating machine

Hardware vacuum coating machine

Furniture Vacuum Coating Machine

Tube Vacuum Coating Machine

Building materials vacuum coating machine

Large Vacuum Coating Machine

Stainless steel vacuum coating machine

Large Vacuum Coating Equipment

Large stainless steel coating machine

Large Vacuum Plating Equipment

Large PVD coating equipment

Multi-arc sputtering ion coating machine

Large multi-arc ion coating machine

Large stainless steel coating machine Detail"DINGYI" Details Of Product Introduction

Large Stainless Steel Coating Machine - Stainless Steel / Hardware / Furniture / Pipe / Building Materials

Large vacuum ion coating equipment

The equipment is specially designed for hardware furniture, ion-plated decorative film on stainless steel decorative panels. The ion-plated film has a real metallic texture, which is incomparable to chemically plated stainless steel color plates. The equipment is equipped with three sets of high-pumping vacuum units, with fast pumping speed and short working cycle; 34~56 circular arc targets are used, the target positions are reasonably arranged, and pulse bias system is equipped, the film layer has good bonding force, uniform color, touch screen +PLC control, computer automatic control can be realized, manual/automatic control can be switched at any time, reliable and stable operation, high yield.

The large-scale vacuum ion coating equipment developed by Dingyi Technology is safe, environmentally friendly, and stable in process. The film layer is rich in color, uniform in color, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, good adhesion and not easy to fade.

TiN titanium gold decorative film can be plated; TiC, CrC gun black, black, gray series film; ZrN zirconium gold, champagne gold, brass series film; TiCN rose gold, rose red, wine red, brown series film layer; TiO sapphire blue, emerald green, pink, iridescent series of coating layers.

Widely used in stainless steel plates, stainless steel pipes (up to 6 meters), stainless steel display racks, stainless steel LOGO signs, locks, handles, hardware bathrooms, stainless steel tableware and other stainless steel products, plastic electroplating parts, ceramics and other surface coating processes.

• Low operating cost and fastest production cycle ensure highest industry standard and most competitive cost, low material and energy consumption
• Tailor-made design services according to customers' production needs
• Fast, flexible production cycles and flexible, versatile production systems capable of running at the fastest cycles on the market, with automatic control systems to eliminate human error
• All phases of operation are managed by a PC with automatic archiving and backup, which provides real-time reports, system and cycle status data, informing and guiding the operator throughout the process.


Technical Parameters:


Machine Size  Item


Ф2000*H3000MM Ф2200*H3600MM Ф2500*H4200MM Ф2500*H4500MM

SS sheets capability



2X-70 * 8 SETS
ZJP-1200 * 2 SETS
KT-800 * 2 SETS
2X-30 * 1 SET
2X-70 * 8 SETS
ZJP-1200 * 2 SETS
KT-1000 * 2 SETS
2X-30 * 1 SET
2X-70 * 10 SETS
ZJP-1200 * 2 SETS
KT-1000 * 2 SETS
2X-30 * 1 SET
2X-70 * 12 SETS
ZJP-1200 * 3 SETS
KT-1000 * 2 SETS
2X-30 * 1 SET



32 36 40 46

Power Supply


200KW 220KW 240KW 260KW

Rotation System


Public Rotation,Frequency control of rotation speed

Operation System


Manual/Full Automatic mode. Touch screen+PLC

Ultimate Vacuum 


8.0*10-4 Pa



Titanium Gold, Champagne, Japan Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Gun Black, Rainbow,SS Silver,etc.


The data is based on the regular machine size, we provide OEM service for the unique product.


Coating example:


Dingyi Technology
The company can design various specifications and models of vacuum coating machines according to user requirements.
The vacuum unit and electronic control system can also be designed and configured according to user requirements.

Dingyi provides world-leading coating application solutions: providing system services such as equipment, materials, processing, technology, and project support.

Dingyi vacuum coating equipment includes: evaporation coating machine, magnetron sputtering coating machine, magnetron evaporation dual-purpose coating machine, multi-arc ion coating machine, intermediate frequency ion coating machine, AF coating machine, super hard coating coating machine, PVD Coating line, PVD coating project supporting assembly.

PVD process technology uses vacuum conditions to deposit various metal and non-metal films on the surface of plastic parts by means of distillation or sputtering.


Dingyi Technology matches the best coating process scheme according to the characteristics of the product.
The advantages and characteristics of Dingyi vacuum coating machinery and equipment in the industry: professionalism, integrity and reliability.

Intermediate frequency ion coating machine Glass special coating machine

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