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Glass special coating machine
Glass special coating machine
Glass special coating machine
Glass special coating machine
Glass special coating machine
Glass special coating machine
Glass special coating machine

Glass special coating machine

Food grade electroplating equipment

Glass special coating machine

Wine glass vacuum coating machine

Wine Vacuum Coating Machine

Glass coating equipment

Tableware Vacuum Coating Machine

Multi arc ion coating machine

Sputtering ion coating machine

Glass special coating equipment

Wine glass vacuum coating equipment

Wine Vacuum Coating Equipment

Tableware vacuum coating equipment

Multi-arc ion coating equipment

Sputtering ion coating equipment

Glass vacuum plating equipment

Glass environmental protection electroplating equipment

Glass special coating machine Detail"DINGYI" Details Of Product Introduction

Food grade electroplating equipment - special coating machine for glass

PVD Coating Machine for Glass--Multi-arc Ion Coating Machine

This series of equipment is mainly configured as a cathodic arc ion source. Its process is simple and environmentally friendly, and there is no discharge of three wastes, which meets the national environmental protection standards. The equipment is equipped with a powerful air extraction system, which has the advantages of fast air extraction, large loading capacity, high production capacity, and low production cost. It can produce amber, copper, smoke gray, blue, seven colors, etc.; it adopts water-soluble paint blocking technology Various color patterns can be obtained.

The glass and crystal products industry continues to develop, including glassware, glass handicrafts, glasses, glass jugs, glass wine sets, glass sets, daily glass, dining sets, lighting, crystals, etc., and its appearance has been recognized in different fields. With different degrees of emphasis, vacuum coating can be performed on the surface of glass and crystal products to obtain various desired appearances.

Common glass products include: airtight cans, candle cups, water cups, coffee pots, tea sets, water polo, bell jars, lampshades, vase series; Cosmetics supporting products include: all kinds of essential oil bottles, cream bottles, lotion bottles, courtyard bottles, exquisite crystal perfume bottles, glass perfume bottles, aromatherapy bottles, etc.; and various medicine bottles, food bottles, wine bottles, etc.


Device parameters:



Vacuum chamber size


Film type

Gold titanium nitride, black titanium carbide, colorful titanium oxide, wear-resistant film, super hard film, diamond film, metal decorative film, etc.

power type

DC power supply, intermediate frequency power supply, arc power supply, filament power supply, activation power supply, pulse bias power supply

target type

Multi-arc target, optional medium frequency twin column target or plane target

Vacuum chamber structure

Vertical front door structure (double-layer water jacket or water tank cooling), rear air extraction system

vacuum system

Mechanical pump + Roots pump + diffusion pump/molecular pump + maintenance pump

Heating system

Adjustable and controllable from room temperature to 350 degrees (PID temperature control), stainless steel heating tube heating

inflation system

Mass flow controller (1-4 way)

Ultimate vacuum

6×10-4pa(Empty, clean room)

pumping time

No-load atmospheric pumping to 5×10-3pa less than 13 minutes

Holding rate


Workpiece Rotation

Up rotation or down rotation + public rotation frequency stepless controllable and adjustable, 0-20 rpm

control method

Manual + semi-automatic / touch screen + PLC


The size of the vacuum chamber and the configuration of the machine unit can be customized according to the customer's product and special process requirements


Sample example:


Dingyi Technology
The company can design various specifications and models of vacuum coating machines according to user requirements.
The vacuum unit and electronic control system can also be designed and configured according to user requirements.

Dingyi provides world-leading coating application solutions: providing system services such as equipment, materials, processing, technology, and project support.

Dingyi vacuum coating equipment includes: evaporation coating machine, magnetron sputtering coating machine, magnetron evaporation dual-purpose coating machine, multi-arc ion coating machine, intermediate frequency ion coating machine, AF coating machine, super hard coating coating machine, PVD Coating line, PVD coating project supporting assembly.

PVD process technology uses vacuum conditions to deposit various metal and non-metal films on the surface of plastic parts by means of distillation or sputtering.


Dingyi Technology matches the best coating process scheme according to the characteristics of the product.
The advantages and characteristics of Dingyi vacuum coating machinery and equipment in the industry: professionalism, integrity and reliability.

Intermediate frequency ion coating machine Kitchenware Coating Equipment

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